“MASSIVE” SOFTWARE – brilliant!

MASSIVE was entirely created in New Zealand by Steve Regelous and his team. It was used extensively on the Lord of the Rings movies – and then spun off into a separate company. Many of the best MASSIVE animators in the world are New Zealanders. Is there a way that this country could be using this technology a lot more in our home-grown movies? Take a look below-

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Surprising New Zealand-made Films



You may be surprised by this list of

the most famous New Zealand-made

movies of the last 20 years…

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New ‘Pacific Features’ Projects in Development




There are several ‘Indie’ productions that Pacific Features currently has in development. The main one is “THE WATCHERS” – which is scheduled for release in 2014. The series is helmed by first-time feature Director A.K Strom. “AK” was born in New Zealand, and the film is to be shot entirely on location in that country – made famous by Peter Jackson’s ‘Lord of the Rings’ and ‘Hobbit’ trilogies.

The series is a kind of apocalyptic thriller, but despite being an ‘Indie’ production, is loaded with realistic space CGI. Continue Reading…

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NZ Film Locations



We all know that the Lord of the Rings movies were filmed all
over NZ – from Matamata in the north to Mount Sunday and
Queenstown in the deep South – from Mt Ruapehu in the center
of the North Island, to the ‘Pinnacles’ area in the Wairarapa.
But as Peter Jackson himself has said, the most stunning
locations to be found in New Zealand are far from exhausted…
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