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A.K. Strom’s second feature is a far more ambitious project. It is a ‘World War 3′ type movie where small incidents happening around the globe lead to larger and larger confrontations, ending in global nuclear war. It promises to be quite a spectacular film – war on a global scale.


An apocalyptic Thriller helmed by first-time feature Director A.K Strom. This film was picked up for distribution by Galloping Films in 2016. A.K. Strom was born in New Zealand, and the film was shot entirely on location in that country – made famous by Peter Jackson’s ‘Lord of the Rings’ and ‘Hobbit’ trilogies. Despite being an ‘Indie’ film, it is loaded with realistic space CGI.


The earth and the moon are bombarded by meteors from deep space. Massive solar flares erupt – headed straight for earth. All of this depicted with large-scale CGI – in a low-budget ‘Indie’ movie being made by a first-time director for under $1 million. A.K. Strom, director of ‘END OF ALL THINGS’, puts it all down to the “revolution” that has occurred in digital filmmaking and effects over the last five years. His aim – to make the most spectacular sub-million dollar Indie movie ever made. And not only that, but a compelling storyline too. In fact, he says it is now possible for his little film to look like a 30 or 40 million dollar movie – due to recent developments in digital graphics.


A.K. Strom is a 50-year-old Independent writer and director from New Zealand. He is a big believer in technological innovation leveling the playing field in film production. For more than 20 years he worked off-and-on making small independent programs and music videos, etc. It is really only in recent years that technology has enabled Independents like him to move into the realm of big-screen Cinema. “A.K” has always had a ‘technological’ streak. He was an early adopter of digital shooting and editing when it first became available. But he felt for years that big-screen Cinema was beyond his grasp. It has only been in the last five years that developments in HD cameras, digital editing and digital effects have truly revolutionized the industry enough for him to make the kind of film he is making now. And he can do so for under a million dollars – even with fireballs raining from the sky. Such is the power of the digital revolution.

It was in 2012 that A.K. first got to work with one of the latest generation of HD cameras. He filmed and edited an effects-heavy 4-minute Sci-fi short at that time, which convinced him that this kind of movie could now be made independently – even with a very restrictive budget. By early 2013 he had written a script outline for ‘END OF ALL THINGS’ (he has made his living as a writer), and within three months shooting was underway. All of the large-scale CGI sequences for the movie were completed fairly early – obtained shot-by-shot from the USA for unbelievably low prices. And yet the standard of the effects is very high, as can be seen from the movie trailer released in 2016. Truly a revolution in Film Effects is underway.

Principal photography for ‘END OF ALL THINGS’, an apocalyptic Thriller, commenced in mid-March 2013, with shooting, editing and scoring taking several years. Produced by Pacific Features, the movie was scheduled for release in 2016. Strom’s second film, “WORLD WAR FOUR” is scheduled for release sometime in 2018.

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